Ping-Subnet [-Subnet] [-Mask] [-Timeout] Description The Ping-Subnet cmdlet sends a ping request to each host on a subnet specified by the user and returns the results. The ping requests are sent sequentially with a default timeout of 200 milliseconds. Parameters. Subnet Ping all hosts on this subnet. Parameter will accept any IP address on the

Jun 16, 2017 · A ping to the secondary NIC from its native subnet will work because it's L2 and no routing is required. However, a ping to the secondary NIC from a different subnet will not work. Once the ping is "inside" the server, the Windows TCP/IP stack makes all the decisions according to the stored/implied routes. Oct 31, 2018 · Except it’s not a subnet mismatch/difference or device Firewall/ACL/Security settings (device has an admin password set, but no other security settings are enabled). I’m having trouble with an HP LaserJet Pro M201dw. I can ping it just fine from my Windows workstation and a MacBook, but not from a Windows print server or some other May 21, 2012 · Hello All, My new employer has asked me to determine any issues that could be causing performance issues our LAN. The network has two subnets and one of the first things that I noticed is that I cannot ping computers on subnet A from subnet B. Mar 28, 2019 · Allow Ping Requests by Using Windows Firewall With Advanced Security While the Command Prompt is the quickest way to add an exception to your firewall for ping requests, you can also do this in the graphic interface using the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” app. Hit Start, type “windows firewall with,” and then launch

On Windows, the following network driver types are available: nat – containers attached to a network created with the 'nat' driver will be connected to an internal Hyper-V switch and receive an IP address from the user-specified ( --subnet ) IP prefix.

To make the two PCs be able to ping each other without adding a router or changing the IPs, you'd need to change the network masks to 0. So PC1 will be and PC2 will be, making the subnet range for both of them the same

The Windows 7 computers can ping the 172.16.2.x subnet fine and the software works. The Windows 10 machines can't ping the 172.16.2.x subnet. At first I thought it might be a Windows Firewall issue, but I have completely disabled it and still have no luck.

Jun 13, 2018 · Thank you for your response. I did all of that already, each location network is working fine but since each location is on different subnet, I can't see computers outside the location. I can ping, telnet, remote desktop with their local IP but can't browse file on windows 10 PC Jun 28, 2012 · I just noticed that on my servers (all HP and setup by someone else), if I would ping an IP address of a downed machine or an IP not in use all in the same subnet, I get a message of "Reply from Destination host unreachable and the server IP that I am pinging from is the This is for windows Vista and later. ping -s with lower case is the timestamp for count hops. – user245956 Sep 30 '14 at 19:27 @user245956: According to this Answer's edit history, the S switch tip was changed from "s" to "S" on 2014-06-06, which was after user156008's comment but before yours. A freeware program designed to find the MAC Address of any IPv4 device on your local network (subnet) even if that device is protected by a personal firewall. Operating System: Windows 10/8.x/7 - Requires GUI, not a command line tool. However, when I want to isolate the VPN clients in a different subnet (for example then I don't know how to proceed. The connection to the VPN server works fine, my VPN client gets the address for example, and is able to ping the server at , but can't see the other machines in and can't