How to Install DD-WRT Firmware Onto Almost Any Router

202-10308-01 May 2008 NETGEAR, Inc. 4500 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA Wireless-G Router WGR614v9 Reference Manual Hacking the Netgear WGR614 | TCAT Shelbyville – Technical Blog Sep 29, 2012 Using WGR614 v7 router as repeater with DGN2000 - NETGEAR Hi, i am a novice in networking topics. I have a DGN2000 router which is being used as acces point. I alos have WGR614V7 router which i never used. 1. Is it possible to use wgr614 V7 router with DGN2000 as repeater? 2. I read in some of the forums that only WGR614 version 8 onwards support repeatin WGR614v10 | WiFi Router | NETGEAR Support

If you want to discuss DD-WRT or other third party firmware then post in this thread, but this is not an invite to be overly critical of Netgear firmware. Some people are posting this as a solution to problems in other threads, that’s not helpful in many cases and some of those posts have been removed.

I updated my D-Link router to the DD-WRT firmware. It's not difficult at all and I have flashed lots of devices over the years with no problems. Bricking usually only happens if you're trying to put on the wrong firmware or if there's an interruption during the update. It's well worth flashing WRT to the D-Link router if you have the 615 version. WGR613VAL Firmware - NETGEAR Communities

I looked at the dd-wrt site and that model is not listed as one that is supported for dd-wrt firmware. We can find either WGR612 or WGR614, but not any models

WGR614v10 Firmware Upgrade Fails - NETGEAR Communities I have a WGR614v10 router running on V1.0.2.26_51.0.59BRIC currently. I want to upgrade the firmware to V1.0.2.60_60.0.85 manually. I have downloaded the .chk files from the official website but every time i try to upgrade the firmware, the page says 'Firmware Update Failed, Please Check Your File' DD-WRT and other third party firmware - NETGEAR Communities