Privatty - Send notes or files that will self-destruct

Sep 25, 2015 6 Self-Destructing Messaging Apps Adults Need to Know Snapchat. We’ve all heard of Snapchat. (It is the ultimate self-destructing messaging … 7 Free Self Destructing Message Apps for Android Phone Snapchat. Snapchat, is one of the best self-destructing messaging apps (Snapchat … Send Safe Message - Apps on Google Play

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Jul 30, 2015 · A new app from the makers of Hotspot Shield, one of the world's most popular VPN services, aims to bring more privacy to social networks. Jun 12, 2013 · This application helps you to chat securely with your friends. The messages sent using this application self destruct after a few seconds. Please subscribe to my channel for more hacking videos Jul 28, 2019 · Send safe private messages that self-destruct after seen once. Use with WhatsApp, SMS, Message, Email, Skype, Messenger and others. Message recipient doesn't need to install anything to see your message. This app is a new tool to send private messages of text and pictures thru your favorite messenger. Messages are automatically erased, destroyed, deleted right after being seen, making much Dec 12, 2005 · “This tape will self-destruct in five seconds” became a household phrase in the 60s and 70s thanks to the creators of Mission Impossible, and now 30 years later, the ability to send your own

Jason Cipriani/CNET Ephemeral messages weren't a thing until Snapchat made them one. Now everyone wants to send messages that disappear after a set amount of time.

Set the time to self-destruct, once the link is generated, or the link in the email is clicked and the page is loaded, the countdown will start from the time specified. Once it reaches zero, the message will disapear forever. Messages must be viewed within 90 days. Enter … Privatty - Send notes or files that will self-destruct Share a confidential note via a web link that will self-destruct after it is read by your intended recipient. Send notes or files that will self-destruct after being read.