2013-6-18 · wallawalla • June 18, 2013 11:27 AM. Asking Snowden to keep quiet is a failure to recognize a significant part of Snowden's game. It's not just about revealing wrongdoing and forcing a debate - he explicitly stated his purpose was to be an example for other, future whistleblowers, to show that you can get away with it (for a while, at least) and, by implication, to create a wave of these

Moscow-based multinational cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab on October 25 said that it obtained suspected National Security Agency (NSA) hacking code from a personal computer in the U.S. During the review of file’s contents, a Kaspersky analyst discovered it contained the source code for a hacking tool later attributed to what it calls the Equation Group. […] National Security Agency Office of the Inspector General Special Study of NSA Controls to Comply with Signals Intelligence Retention Requirements Dec. 12, 2019 Semi-Annual Report to Congress, 1 October 2018-31 March 2019 July 8, 2019 Audit of Award Fee Contracts April 3, 2019 Audit of the Agency’s Travel Program March 4, 2019 NSA Leaker Reality Winner Contracts Coronavirus in Prison

White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy

2020-4-14 · NSA targets sysadmin personal accounts to exploit networks. The latest revelation from the cache of Snowden documents shows that the NSA targets sysadmins to gain access to … NSA Bahrain - **Personal Property Closure** NAVSUP FLC NAVSUP FLC Personal Property Shipping Office will be closed on Saturday, 02 May in Observance of the Bahrain Labor Day Holiday. The Office will re-open for normal business on Sunday, 03 May at 0800. All customers are encouraged to plan accordingly. For questions or concerns, POC is below: Personal Property Shipping Office, NAVSUP FLC, Bahrain NSA - INSURANCE | HOME

2020-7-4 · NSA, based on the recently published FISA court order demanding Verizon turn over all customer phone records including who is talking to whom, when and for how long—to the NSA. This so-called “metadata,” especially when collected in bulk and aggregated, allows the government to track the associations of various political and religious

NSA officials say this process would have been automated, preventing intrusions into the personal privacy of ordinary users visiting Web sites or exchanging electronic messages with friends. 美国国家安全局 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 2020-7-19 · 美国国家安全局(英語:National Security Agency,縮寫:NSA)是美国政府机构中的情报部门,专门负责收集和分析外国及本国通讯资料,隶属于美国国防部,是根据美国总统的命令成立的部门。