I have the Cisco DPC3825 Modem/Router and my NAT type is tuck on Moderate unless I manually go into my settings and change it constantly all the time. There is a certain list of ports I need to stay open to get my NAT to open. I need it set to open because I do a lot of gaming (xbox one and xbox 360).

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Xbox always has open NAT but PC is moderate : xboxone

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When you check your NAT type, if it is already set up as Open, then it is all well, and good, and nothing else need be done. But if it isn’t, you can follow the given steps to Change NAT Type on Xbox One: Xbox One. In the Network Settings screen itself, go to Advanced Settings option. Click on it. This will show more new options.

I have been trying to fix my new XBOX ONE having a "Strict" NAT. I have tried to follow all the posts here and on other sites, but none of them a very clear and detailed enough for beginners to pfsense, so here is a guide that I used to get an "open" NAT with a XBOX ONE. NAT=Strict/Moderate/Open | AT&T Community Forums Dec 23, 2013